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Trade your scrap cars for cash with 1800 Salvage

If you have a car worthy of being called scrap, then it’s fair to say you see no more worth in it at all. If anything, a smashed-up scrapper uses up more resources lying idle than it did when it was running. Whether it’s rusting away in your home’s garage or out on the nature strip, or clogging up valuable lot space at your commercial garage, that car’s a miserable sight. But not to us.

1800 Salvage sees the potential in every car, and we will happily buy your scrap cars for cash that’ll make your jaw drop.

We buy from all sellers all over Australia: private individuals, panel beaters, insurance assessors, just to name a few. 

Don’t worry about how badly banged up it is; our scrap car salvage specialists will find a second life for it, one way or another. The way we see it, the less material sent to a scrap yard, the better the situation for you, us and our environment. It’s a win-win-win all ‘round.

Cash for cars of all conditions

Free scrap car removal services for scrap cars

A scrap car is an eyesore, a waste of space and a health hazard to anyone around it, including you, your loved ones and your staff. The quicker you get rid of it, the quicker your life and business can get back on track.

We’re not just scrap car salvagers — we’re a pretty nifty car removal company, too. 1800 Salvage will have your scrapper towed away on the very same day you contact us. Our rapid-response team of towers can reach practically any site in the country in a matter of hours. 

Way pay cash for all scrap vehicles

We have partnered with the incredible towing experts at Sheen. Together, we offer the best towing service in town, capable of towing all types of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats. We can even tow light machinery such as forklifts, scissor lifts, loaders and diggers.

If you reckon your vehicle’s ready to scrap, give 1800 Salvage a call.

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Vehicle salvage made easy

Sell your scrap cars for top prices from anywhere in Australia

Twenty-four hours — that’s how long it takes for 1800 Salvage to tow away your rattling boneshaker and pay you. And our same-day free car removal services aren’t just for metro areas and major towns, either — we pay cash for cars anywhere in Australia. Give our team a call, and we’ll offer you a time estimate along with your scrap car quote.

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Preparing your scrap vehicle for collection

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Sell your scrap cars for cash today

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1800 Salvage and Towing service

1800 Salvage makes it easy

1800 Salvage provides the easiest cash for scrap cars service in Australia. No matter your location, we will strive to provide you with the best deal.

  • Free purchase quotes (Weigh up your options)
  • Australia wide service
  • Money in your account via OSKO
  • We buy early and late model cars
  • Licenced motor car trader (LMCT: 12082)
Salvage vehicle for sale

How much cash can you sell your scrap car for?

The short answer: much more than you think. As vehicle salvage specialists, we see value where others can’t; every component of your scrap vehicle could be a little treasure to our salvage partners. To help us see that value clearly and offer you the best price for your scrap car, try and provide the following details:

  • Make and model
  • Condition and damage
  • Vehicle age
  • Odometer reading
  • Exterior photos from all angles & interior photos
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We buy scrap cars of all makes and models

Foreign, national, out-of-production, rare, common — it makes no difference. If you have a scrap car to sell, we have the cash to buy it.

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    Auctions & Auctioneering
  • AVAA A201 Fundamentals of
    Valuing Goods and Chattles, Plant and Equipment Course Outline

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Frequently asked questions

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Will you buy car scrap metal?

Yes — 1800 Salvage will buy scrap cars no matter their state. Even if your scrapper’s a rusted red skeleton up on cinders, we will buy it. 

We buy scrap cars with:

  • Storm damage
  • Accident damage
  • Insurance write-offs

The only vehicles we cannot buy are flood-damaged ones.

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Does 1800 Salvage actually pay cash?

Unfortunately, we do not pay cash in hand — but that is an industry regulation. As a reputable scrap car salvage service, we abide by all government standards while still providing the best service around. 

1800 Salvage will deposit your payment into a bank account of your choosing. Your payment will arrive instantly or within 24 hours, depending on your bank.

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Will you buy a scrap car if it is unregistered?

Sure, 1800 Salvage buys unregistered scrap vehicles all the time.

A bit of advice: keep your scrap vehicle’s license plates. Hand them in to your local road authority, and they’ll reimburse you for them.

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Can you tow my scrap vehicle from regional areas in Australia?

Absolutely. Not only does our tow team service regional areas, but we can also still offer their 24 turn-around, too.

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