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Sell your unwanted car for a jaw-dropping price

Everyone looks forward to getting their first car, but their first time getting rid of a car? Not so much. Maybe your car’s lost its lustre after a decade of loyal service. Maybe it’s been written off after a recent accident. Or maybe you bought it second (or third) hand, and now your trusty wheelman’s kissed one too many curbs to ever drive straight again.

Whatever condition it’s in, if you’re ready to sell your unwanted car, we are the car buyer that can offer the most competitive price — and get rid of it the quickest.

1800 Salvage will pay cash for unwanted cars from any buyer, from private sellers to panel beaters to insurance assessors. Heck, got an irreparable forklift at your construction site? We’ll take it.

It’s perfectly natural to have a bit of a bond with your car. When it’s time to say goodbye, we won’t just send it to be mangled at the scrapyard. No; we’ll our vehicle salvage specialists and partners will recycle or upcycle every piece of it. It’s the circle of life, and it pays very, very well, too.

Cash for cars of all conditions

Free car removals for unwanted cars

Whether it’s perfectly driveable or totally destroyed, holding onto an unwanted car is a pain in the neck. Either it’s idling in front of your house being repainted by the neighbourhood birds, or it’s taking up hogging valuable garage space at your business. Either way, the sooner it’s gone, the better.

1800 Salvage can tow away unwanted cars from your home or business within a day. We’ll also do it entirely for free. Now that’s about as convenient as it gets, no?

Busted car, truck, boat or forklift? We’ll buy it.

We aren’t just a car removal company. Thanks to the capabilities of our awesome tow truck drivers, we can buy practically any unwanted vehicle you’d like to sell. Cars, utes, vans, small trucks, motorcycles, boats and light machinery — you can turn it all into a tidy profit.

If you’ve got a vehicle you’re ready to sell, call your friendly team, and we’ll sort out the logistics.

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We pay cash for cars of all types

We buy and responsibly salvage all of


unwanted vehicles. These include:

Vehicle salvage made easy

Same-day unwanted car towing in metro and regional Australia

Wherever you are, we can reach you. Our surprisingly agile tow team can pick up your vehicle no matter how remote your home or how crowded your business is. 

We do ask that you make sure there aren’t any locked gates or barriers — we’ll handle the rest.

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Preparing your unwanted vehicle for collection

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Sell your unwanted cars for cash today

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1800 Salvage and Towing service

1800 Salvage makes it easy

1800 Salvage provides the easiest cash for unwanted cars service in Australia. No matter your location, we will strive to provide you with the best deal.

  • Free purchase quotes (Weigh up your options)
  • Australia wide service
  • Money in your account via OSKO
  • We buy early and late model cars
  • Licenced motor car trader (LMCT: 12082)

Salvage vehicle for sale

Details we need to offer the best price for your unwanted car

Damage is not a factor in whether or not we decide to buy a vehicle — trust us, we’ve picked up some shockers and paid a generous price for the privilege. We just need a few basic details to help us understand how best to salvage your vehicle once we’ve picked it up. The better the potential we see in it, the higher the price we’ll pay for it. 

You can increase the sale price of your unwanted car by giving us the following details:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Condition and damage
  • Vehicle age
  • Odometer reading
  • Exterior photos from all angles & interior photos
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1800 Salvage buys all unwanted vehicles

We buy international and Australian car brands as well as rare and out-of-production cars. If it was made to drive, we’ll buy it.

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    Auctions & Auctioneering
  • AVAA A201 Fundamentals of
    Valuing Goods and Chattles, Plant and Equipment Course Outline

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Salvage vehicle for sale

Frequently asked questions

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Can you tow unwanted cars from remote areas?

Yes, our nationwide free car removal services can reach practically any regional location in Australia within hours.

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What is the acceptable damage limit for unwanted cars?

Totally flooded vehicles are the only type we will not accept, though there is a level of water damage we are okay with.

Apart from that, we’ll buy even the most horrendously smashed-up bone-rattlers for an incredible price. 

If you’re absolutely positive nobody would ever pay for your unwanted vehicle, give us a call and give us a description — we’ll prove you wrong.

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Can I sell an unwanted car if it’s still under finance?

No. 1800 Salvage is a licensed motor car trader, and regulations forbid us from purchasing vehicles under finance.

However, while we cannot purchase your unwanted car, we can store it for you.

By submitting a salvage tender on your behalf, we can take possession of your vehicle and tow it away while you maintain responsibility for the financial payments.

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My unwanted car is also unregistered. Can I still sell it?

1800 Salvage buys unregistered vehicles all the time — we’ll be happy to buy yours, too.

A handy tip: keep the license plates. Your local road authority will reimburse you for them upon return.

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