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Looking to sell your second-hand car for the best price? We will make you an offer that’ll silence your other bidders. Best of all, we’ll tow it away for free within 24 hours, and you’ll be paid instantly.

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1800 Salvage is rated 5.0 from 380 reviews
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[Sell My Car, short] Get paid the instant we pick your used vehicle

Get paid the instant we pick your used vehicle

[Sell My Car, short] Digital valuation done in minutes

Digital valuation done in minutes

[Sell My Car, short] Competitive prices

Competitive prices

[Sell My Car, short] Fast and free towing

Fast and free towing

Why should I sell my car to 1800 Salvage?

We have a nationwide network of car buyers. Thanks to that network, we can offer an extremely competitive quote for all used vehicles.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask us for a quote and compare it to your other buyers.

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How to sell my car

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Send us the required details and pictures using our online form and we’ll send through a quote. We value vehicles digitally for a hassle-free experience.

Sign digital paperwork

Once you’re happy with our offer, you’ll need to sign our contract to sell your car. You can do that digitally, too — the whole process will be done in under an hour.

Paid and picked up

Tell us where your car is and we’ll send a tow truck, free of charge. Once it picks up your vehicle, we’ll pay you instantly. You won’t even have to be with the car!

So, you’ll buy my car. What else can I sell you?

1800 Salvage will buy practically any type of vehicle you’re looking to sell. Our towing partners have a 10-tonne transport limit — if your vehicle weighs less than that, we’ll buy it.

Wrecked and filthy from years on rough work sites? Love it. Get a quote.
From yachts to fishing boats, if we can tow it, we can buy it.
We’re more than happy to buy your EVs for a nice chunk of change.
Roadtripping RV finally conked out? Tell us where it is and we’ll pick it up.
Got a damaged classic? One you can’t afford to restore? No worries. We’ll take it.
Run a work site? We’ll buy damaged light machinery like forklifts and diggers.
We buy all models of prestige, luxury and European cars for equally luxurious prices.
New, old, written-off, classic, Australian, foreign — we buy all types of bikes for cash.
We are capable of towing small and medium-sized trucks.
We buy late-model and old or junk vans of any type.

I can sell my car online? Just like that?

Just. Like. That. No hassle, no headaches, no runarounds, no fine print or hidden fees.

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What’s the market value of my car?

We value your car based on the potential value of your car based on the 3 factors below. Having done this for decades, we only need a few basic details to give you a quote

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Common brands we buy

We buy cars made by all Australian and international manufacturers.

What are my next steps?

Where can I sell my car?

Anywhere. 1800 Salvage has a base of operations in every major city in Australia. That’s why we’re able to tow your vehicle and pay you for it within a day. If you live in remote regions, we can usually get to you within three days, tops.

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’ve got any queries or issues.

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How do I conduct a private car sale?

The first thing you need to do is get an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s worth. There are countless online car valuation tools that you can use to do this — we recommend Redbook Cars’ vehicle valuation calculator.

Now that you’ve got a price, you’ll need a buyer. If you’re selling your second-hand vehicle to another private buyer, you’ll need to get your paperwork in order. This can be a little complicated, but VicRoads has a handy guide to selling your vehicle you can read.

However, if you sell your vehicle to a salvage buyer like 1800 Salvage, you don’t have to worry about any of that. All you need to sign a contract of sale and provide us with a copy of your valid driver's license. How easy is that?

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What’s the safest way to get paid for selling my car?

If you’re selling to a private individual, then the best practice is to make sure you get paid before handing over the keys.

Work with 1800 Salvage, and we’ll make the process smooth and easy by paying you at the same time we pick up your vehicle.

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Can I sell my car privately without a roadworthy certificate?

If you’re selling your Melbourne-registered vehicle to a private buyer, then you will need to provide a roadworthy certificate to VicRoads, as they keep records of vehicle registration.

You will also need to provide:

  • A completed vehicle transfer form
  • A registration certificate to prove that you have the right to sell the vehicle in question
  • A copy of the buyer's licence

If you’re selling your registered vehicle to a car dealer or salvager (like 1800 Salvage), then the dealer will be responsible for completing the transfer paperwork with VicRoads.

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Can I sell my car privately if it’s unregistered?

Yes, you can sell an unregistered vehicle.

If you are selling an unregistered vehicle in Victoria, you will need to remove its licence plates and get a refund on your registration before selling it. You will also need to provide a receipt of purchase to the buyer (and keep a copy for your records). 

You do not need a roadworthy certificate to sell an unregistered vehicle in Victoria.

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