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Selling junk cars has never been easier

After you fill out our hassle free online form with the details of your old car, our friendly team will get back to you that same day with our top cash offer. 1800 Salvage aims to make selling as simple as possible and an easy process for our customers. Completed fully online, we take care of all the paperwork, contracts and the car removal arrangements. 

When our team evaluates your scrap car, there are several factors that can increase its value. The most influential being the cars age, make and model, condition and market demand. Most of these are straightforward information such as the VIN, but the market demand can fluctuate depending on current trends for particular car models and brands. We take all of this information into consideration when determining your cash for car quote and always aim to give our customers the most cash for their cars.

Cash for cars of all conditions

Instant cash for your scrap cars

We offer quick cash payments at the same time of the car removal. On the day of your vehicle collection, our tow truck driver will notify us on arrival and confirm the condition of the car. We then release payment directly into your nominated bank account via the transfer platform, Osko. 

Osko is a near instantaneous way of transferring funds between accounts and it’s used all over Australia. As our customers preferred method of payment, it's safe, secure and most importantly, fast!

No matter the condition, we will buy it

The 1800 Salvage team are lovers of all cars no matter their vehicle. We buy cars all day every day and know the value behind any damaged vehicle. We quote and purchase unwanted cars and all accident damaged cars. It doesn't matter if your car is a statutory write-off, repairable write-off, cosmetically damaged or suffering mechanical issues, our team will always offer you the most cash for your vehicle.

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Sell your car for cash Mansfield

We buy and responsibly salvage all of


unwanted vehicles. These include:

Vehicle salvage made easy

Proudly servicing Victoria-wide

1800 Salvage can remove any car from all over Victoria. We have a skilled network of towing partners who can transport a range of vehicles including vans, trucks, motorbikes and machinery.

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Preparing your car for collection

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Get cash for your car in Mansfield

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1800 Salvage and Towing service

1800 Salvage make it easy

Simple online quote form, same day free quote, instant cash transfer and free car removal, 1800 Salvage does it all. We will take care of all the paperwork and you don’t even need to be home for the car removal.

  • Free purchase quotes (Weigh up your options)
  • Australia wide service
  • Money in your account via OSKO
  • We buy early and late model cars
  • Licenced motor car trader (LMCT: 12082)
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Best cash for cars Mansfield

Our team are experienced buyers in the used car industry which means they know the value of your car. There are certain factors that can influence our offer, the most fluctuating being the market demand. 

What we need to know:

  • Make and model
  • Condition and damage
  • Vehicle age
  • Exterior photos from all angles & interior photos
  • Odometer reading
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Every brand of every vehicle

Our team buys every brand of car.

  • AVAA 101 Fundamentals of
    Auctions & Auctioneering
  • AVAA A201 Fundamentals of
    Valuing Goods and Chattles, Plant and Equipment Course Outline

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I choose cash payment instead of Osko?

The laws around the motor trade industry restrict us from being able to pay cash in hand for your car but we have found our customers prefer Osko for many reasons. It's safe, near instantaneous and a secure payment method.

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Can I sell you my car if it's non roadworthy?

If you have an old car you want to sell, it's usually not worth the time or money, not to mention the hassle of getting it roadworthy. 1800 Salvage will buy your car in its current condition, regardless of registration, age or condition.

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I have another competitive quote, will you match it?

The 1800 Salvage team always strives to give you the best offer for your unwanted car. If you have a better offer, we will definitely do our absolute best to match it, while including our free car removal.

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I have a truck I want to sell, can you offer free removal for it?

Yes we can remove your truck for free. Our towing providers are well equipped to remove all vehicle sizes including trucks. It may take us longer than the usual 24 hours depending on the truck's size as we could require specialised equipment.

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Whether you want to buy or sell salvage vehicles, we are here to help. Get in touch and we will get back to you soon with the information you need.

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