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Frequently asked questions

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How can I provide feedback or leave a review?

As a small business, we appreciate the time taken to leave us a positive Google review. Simply search “1800 Salvage” on Google, or use this link:

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Can you get my vehicle from my apartment building car park?

Yes. We work alongside Sheen Towing, who have multiple carpark recovery vehicles for our use. This means we’re able to access vehicles in any location.

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My vehicle had an air bag recall — can you still buy it?

Yes. We purchase vehicles subject to the Takata airbag recall. We have a network of dealers and auto-electricians who assist us in removing affected airbags, meaning this practice will not affect our purchase quote for your vehicle. 


If your recalled vehicle is listed below, we will consider purchasing your car:

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I’m not happy with my insurance tender — can you beat it?

Yes. 1800 Salvage almost always beats insurance tenders by offering a higher price — putting more money in your pocket. To get started, fill out our online quote form here.

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My vehicle is still under finance — can I sell it?

1800 Salvage is a licence motor car trader. This means we cannot purchase any vehicles possessing financial liens. However, we are still available to assist by submitting a salvage tender to your finance company. This will free you from being stuck with your damaged vehicle.

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I am not at fault. My vehicle is a total-loss and was assessed by the at-fault’s insurance. What do I do with my car now?

Fill out our online quote form here. We’ll take it from here by offering a same-day purchase quote, putting money in your pocket, and taking the write-off vehicle off your hands. Please note: if the assessor leaves you with a salvage tender, you are still eligible to contact 1800 Salvage — which is highly recommended, as we offer the highest-price insurance tenders.

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Will my personal details be kept private?

Yes. All personal details shared with 1800 Salvage are confidential between we, the buyer, and you, the seller. As a holder of LMCT 12082 ,we uphold the standard of an operator under the Motor Car Traders act of 1986. 

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Can my car be unregistered?

Yes. 1800 Salvage specialises in purchasing unregistered vehicles. We typically request any remaining registration on your vehicle be refunded to you by VicRoads. This can be done by taking your licence plates and paperwork to VicRoads to get reimbursed for remaining registration. Typically, around $50 per month will be reimbursed to you.

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What if my car is still registered under my name?

1800 Salvage does not require registration on any vehicle. Once we have purchased your vehicle, you may take your license plates and paperwork to VicRoads to be reimbursed for the cost of any registration that is still active on your vehicle.


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Can my car be any type of model or year?

Yes — any kind. We purchase a wide range of salvage car models in a variety of conditions, makes, and models. Once you provide our team with details about your damaged car, we will provide you with a same-day purchase quote. Check out some of our most often purchased brands (link brands page).

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What does repairable write-offs and statutory write-offs mean?

Repairable write-offs are vehicles that can be repaired — however, the cost of repairs exceeds the car’s worth. Written off vehicles can still be re-registered in Australia.


Statutory write-off are vehicles that has been severely damaged, and should no longer be repaired. Vehicles that have met the statutory write-off criteria by the insurance assessor cannot be re-registered in Australia. However, certain parts may be used to repair other vehicles.

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My company is looking to sell its commercial van, can you buy it?

Yes. 1800 Salvage purchases many fleet vehicles — particularly when your company is self-insured, so that we can offer a great price on your vehicle, and take it off your hands promptly.


Please keep in mind: if your business is not at-fault in the accident, you may still receive a third-party salvage tender on your vehicle. To receive yours, simply upload photos of the damaged car, and we will get back to you with a same-day purchase quote.

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What condition does my car need to be?

At 1800 Salvage, your car can be in any condition — from write off to damaged, second-hand to perfect condition, and anywhere in between.


Whether used, damaged in an accident, mechanically damaged, old and unwanted, or former project vehicle, we buy it all. We are not limited to vehicles only — we also offer purchase prices for motorcycles, trucks and machinery. With our towing capacity of up to 6 tonnes, we’re the go-to for all things auto.

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What information do you need to best quote a purchase price for my vehicle?

Photos are the best source of information you can provide to us. Whether you are completing our online quote form, emailing us, or texting our team, photos are essential. To ensure we can complete our research process to bring you the best purchase quote possible, please provide the following images:


When completing our ‘Upload Your Salvage’ Form, please attach:

  • Photos of all four corners of your vehicle
  • Photos of the interior seating and dash, including the odometer
  • Photos of any specific points of accident, damage, or scratches
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Can I drop off my car at an 1800 Salvage yard?

Unfortunately, although we would appreciate your effort, we do not allow drop offs to our car yard. As we specialise in salvage vehicle trading, for OH&S compliance we may only permit our team members to pick up and deliver vehicles to our yards via tow truck. Therefore, we do not have a drop off option available.


However, 1800 Salvage covers all towing costs — so there is no need to worry about transport fees.  We make the entire process seamless and easy.

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Why should I sell my car to 1800 Salvage?

At 1800 Salvage, we are committed to making the car selling process as secure and easy as we can. Our simple method removes the hassle from selling your vehicle.

When you sell your vehicle through 1800 Salvage, you avoid private sale woes and swiftly sell your car. Our transactions are typically completed by the following business day.

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