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We offer junk car removal around the City of Latrobe

1800 Salvage’s towing partners in the Latrobe area make junk and scrap car removals a hassle free experience. Rather than calling the closest autpo wreckers in your area, why not weigh up your options by sending a quick and easy enquiry through 1800 Salvage so we can value your car, we’re often much more competitive with our top cash prices. 

1800 Salvage’s Latrobe old car removal team will offer top cash values for your old car in any condition. Whether your old car is accident damaged, mechanically damaged or just unwanted we’re the service for you. 

By filling out our online enquiry form we can assess your vehicle, do our market research and provide you with the best value for your damaged car.

Cash for cars of all conditions

A leading car buyers company in the City of Latrobe

Though 1800 Salvage started as a Cash for cars company in Melbourne, our car wreckers and local transport partners have enabled us to operate in the larger areas such as Latrobe and throughout Gippsland. 

In brief, we put the best value on your car indicative of the current market, whether that car is an old car, scrap car or a late model used car, we buy it all. Car removal can be a daunting experience for first time sellers, all you need to do is fill out our quote form and let us take it from there. 

Car removals for old cars in Latrobe

If you’re in need of a simple old car removal service, look no further. We offer free old car removals for the right vehicles and we can usually pay a cash top up in the process, you may just be sitting on a gem that is worth good money. 

Old cars are our bread and butter, if you want to free up some space in the driveway and get a nice cash top up in your pocket.

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We buy and responsibly salvage all of


unwanted vehicles. These include:

Vehicle salvage made easy

Sell your car in Latrobe

Old car removal has never been so easy with 1800 Salvage providing fast service for the whole Latrobe area. 

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Preparing your car for collection

Recent purchases

Get cash for your car in Latrobe.

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1800 Salvage and Towing service

1800 Salvage makes it easy

1800 Salvage provides the easiest cash for cars service in the Latrobe area. No matter your location, we will strive to provide you with the best deal. 

  • Free purchase quotes (Weigh up your options)
  • Australia wide service
  • Money in your account via OSKO
  • We buy early and late model cars
  • Licenced motor car trader (LMCT: 12082)
Salvage vehicle for sale

Cash for cars in Latrobe and the surrounding areas

We pay cash for cars in the latrobe area offering a reliable service. We’re happy to buy cars in any and all conditions whilst offering you the best price. So we can offer you the best possible purchase quotes for your vehicle or business vehicles, we need to know:

  • Make and model
  • Condition and damage
  • Vehicle age
  • Exterior photos from all angles & interior photos
  • Odometer reading

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Car brands we buy in Latrobe

We pay for these brands of cars

  • AVAA 101 Fundamentals of
    Auctions & Auctioneering
  • AVAA A201 Fundamentals of
    Valuing Goods and Chattles, Plant and Equipment Course Outline

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Frequently asked questions

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Does 1800 Salvage buy trucks?

Yes! If you’re looking to sell a medium or heavy rigid truck look no further. We can put purchase quotes on almost any automobile or piece of machinery. We’re a service that purchases car’s, vans, trucks and machinery. 

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Does 1800 Salvage also sell vehicles?

1800 Salvage does not retail vehicles to the public. If you are a car dealer, second hand car trader or wrecker, please give us a call to discuss options or to join our selling list.

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Does 1800 Salvage also sell car parts?

In short, no 1800 Salvage does not participate in dismantling or selling individual car parts. We have a large network of car wrecking partners and transport providers but we do not retail car parts to the public, we purchase whole cars. 

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Are your cash offers cash in hand or digital payments to my bank account?

Unfortunately due to new legislation around purchasing motorcars in Victoria we can no longer pay ‘cash in hand’, though we do use OSKO which gives us the ability to transfer you the funds within 1-minute upon the collection of your vehicle. 

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I read on your website 1800 Salvage offers free car removals for all vehicles, what if my car isn't worth anything?

We will do our best to pick your vehicle up for free with our processes, what we usually say is that if the scrap metal will pay for the fuel to collect the car, we’ll come grab it for you! 

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