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Get instant cash for cars at Browns Plains

Whether you have an old rust bucket taking up valuable space on your property or commercial parking lot, or you’ve got an accident-damaged vehicle, the friendly professionals at 1800 Salvage are here to help.

Irrespective of the damage your vehicle has sustained, our experienced automotive industry leaders will see its potential. We can offer a top cash offer and ensure that all is reused in an eco-friendly manner to breathe new life into other vehicles. 

Contact us today for a free quote on any scrap or old car. Then within 24 hours, we can process all your paperwork, organise free car removal and deposit our competitive cash offer directly into your nominated bank account. 

Cash for cars of all conditions

We offer instant cash on your scrap car, Browns Plains 

Unwanted or damaged vehicles can be an eyesore and often take up space that could be put to better use. Although we specialise in buying unwanted cars for cash, we can take all types of vehicles. So if you’re selling an outdated fleet of work vans, a wrecked motorbike, or a worn-out forklift, we can help. 

We guarantee to provide our best cash offer with no pricing games. Let us know if you can find a better offer elsewhere, and we’ll try to beat it. 

Same-day, free car removal, Browns Plains 

Our free car removal services can pick up vehicles anywhere in Browns Plains, across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or interstate. So we’ll get there promptly whether your unwanted car or truck is in a multi-storey car park, an apartment parking lot or a rural location.

1800 Salvage’s experienced tow truck drivers can handle almost anything with their 10-tonne towing capacity. When they arrive at your vehicle’s location, they’ll confirm its condition and initiate your immediate cash payment via the safe, secure transfer method, Osko.

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We buy and responsibly salvage all of

Browns Plains

unwanted vehicles. These include:

Vehicle salvage made easy

Free car removals, Browns Plains, Gold Coast or interstate

Our extensive, reliable towing network enables us to quickly reach your scrap car anywhere from Browns Plains, Sunshine Coast and beyond.

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1800 Salvage and Towing service

1800 Salvage make it easy

Simple online quote form, same day free quote, instant cash transfer and free car removal, 1800 Salvage does it all. We will take care of all the paperwork and you don’t even need to be home for the car removal.

  • Free purchase quotes (Weigh up your options)
  • Australia wide service
  • Money in your account via OSKO
  • We buy early and late model cars
  • Licenced motor car trader (LMCT: 12082)
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How much is your unwanted car worth?

Regardless of the damage, every car, truck or motorbike can be restored or repurposed if placed in the right hands. Our professional team at 1800 Salvage is full of valuing experts. Provide us with general details, and we’ll develop an accurate quote to remove your vehicle. 

Before we remove your unwanted car or truck, we need to know the following:

  • Condition and damage
  • Vehicle age
  • Exterior photos from all angles & interior photos
  • Odometer reading
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We buy all brands of vehicles

Our cash-for-cars Browns Plains team offer top cash for all makes and models.

  • AVAA 101 Fundamentals of
    Auctions & Auctioneering
  • AVAA A201 Fundamentals of
    Valuing Goods and Chattles, Plant and Equipment Course Outline

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Frequently asked questions

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Can you buy my car if it’s under finance?

Unfortunately, 1800 Salvage can not purchase any vehicles under a financial lien. However, we can still provide a purchase offer valid for 14 days while you pay your finance. 

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Are there any vehicles 1800 Salvage won’t buy?

Not 1800 Salvage will price to purchase anything and everything in the automotive space.

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Do you buy vehicles out of regional locations?

Yes, our extensive network of transport providers helps us access and buy all types of vehicles, from cars to machinery and boats, from the most remote locations around Australia. 

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Do you provide quotes for auto parts, Browns Plains?

We only buy whole vehicles. However, depending on where you are, we can find a local wrecker who can accept or dispose of your auto parts in an environmentally friendly way.

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Can you remove my vehicle from a multi-storey parking complex?

Car removal from a multilevel parking lot with a tow truck can be complicated. These spaces are not usually designed for trucks, so if your car can start, we’ll request that you move it to a street location before we collect it.

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