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How to sell a flood damaged car
Flood damaged car
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February 1, 2022
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Selling a flood damaged car in Australia

Cars and water can sometimes end up as a destructive combination. Though vehicles are made to withstand regular rains and carwashes, flood-level damage can be very damaging to a vehicle.

This means that water damage can reduce the value of your car, depending upon how much water damage occurred. Is it possible to sell a flood or water damaged car?

Can you sell a flood damaged car in Australia

It is possible to sell a flood damaged car.

There are varying levels of flood damage that may occur to a car. For minimal levels of flood damage, wherein the car was not fully submerged in water, the process is very similar to selling a hail damaged car.

This means the flood damage may reduce the price of a vehicle, but all hope is not lost — salvage car buyers will still pay a great salvage price for a damaged car.

Learn more about the valuation process here.

The value of your car depends on:

  • The car’s condition
  • The extent of the flood damage; whether or not it was fully submerged
  • Vehicle make and model
  • The value of its individual parts; the status of its parts
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The type of vehicle, including trucks, motorbikes and machinery

Statutory write-offs in Victoria for submerged cars

In Australia, a vehicle that has become fully submerged in a body of water will be classified as a Statutory Write Off.

VicRoads defines this as: “A statutory write-off is a vehicle that's been damaged so severely that it should not be repaired. These vehicles can't be re-registered anywhere in Australia, but certain parts may be used to repair other vehicles.”

This classification is due to the fact that submerged vehicles are nearly impossible to put back on the road. The damage will be apparent underneath the car, wreaking havoc on the vehicle and its engine. The mechanics and electrics will likely no longer be usable due to electrical shortages and rust. The interior may become musty or mouldy. Salt water causes even more damage due to its corrosiveness.

However, on the positive side, your submerged car does not become entirely worthless.

Can you sell a written-off submerged car

It is possible to sell a written-off submerged car. Car salvage buyers such as 1800 Salvage offer valuable purchase prices for these kinds of vehicles.

Submerged vehicles can still be a worth a great salvage price as certain parts are still reusable. This includes the majority of the plastics, external body parts, light casings, and more, which can be purchased from you and used to repair other vehicles.

To determine how much your submerged car will be worth, we recommending obtaining a quote from a trusted buyer.

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