What’s the best way to sell a classic car?

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What’s the best way to sell a classic car?
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Doug Whiffin
Doug Whiffin
National Automotive Buyer and Second-In-Command Manager
February 10, 2023
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Selling a classic car can be an exciting yet daunting process. With the vehicle’s unique history and incredible value, you want to be making the best decision for both you and the car. The market for classic cars is competitive, and knowing the right strategies can make all the difference in getting the best return on your investment. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the game, the team at 1800 Salvage have provided expert advice on the best way to sell a classic car. This includes vehicles that need a bit of work and when you’re just looking for a quick sale. No matter what it is, this guide will help you get the most out of your classic car. 

Things to know before selling your classic car 

Recently, the demand for classic used cars has spiked, with wholesale used-vehicle prices up 37% compared to those being sold pre-pandemic. With more car enthusiasts spending their time researching for the ultimate buy, you’ll want to position your classic vehicle in the best light possible. Therefore, we recommend doing the following to ensure you sell your classic car the right way: 

  • Understand the value of your classic car with an in-depth appraisal 
  • Evaluate the condition of your vehicle - is it roadworthy or more of a collector’s item?
  • Does your car require restoration or repairs?
  • If selling privately, try multiple advertising methods, including online and through social groups. 
  • Set your price and decide on how firm it is – this will help you throughout the selling journey.

How to sell a classic car that needs work 

Even if your classic car needs work, there are some strategies you can use to ensure you’re receiving top dollar for your restorable classic vehicle. 

  • If your car requires only a small number of repairs, consider getting them fixed before selling it. 
  • Evaluate the condition of your classic car so you can answer any questions potential buyers may have.
  • Understand the market value of your vehicle in its most pristine condition and how you own it now. Make sure you decide on a fair price when selling your classic car. 
  • Consider selling online. You’ll find more of a market, even for a classic car that needs work.

How to sell a classic car 

There are a few common methods you can use when selling your classic car. While there are pros and cons associated with each technique, it’s essential to choose the one best suited to your situation. 

Private car sales

When selling classic cars, many people choose to do so through private car sales. This is because many classic car buyers believe they can find a fair price by communicating with the seller. With no third-party involvement, you can choose to sell your car the way you want. Whether this is through a specific classic car online website or a social media group, the process is entirely up to you. 

However, selling a classic car privately is a relatively time-consuming process. You will have to deal with negotiations, gather all the paperwork, arrange title transfers, and abide by all other requirements when selling classic vehicles. If you’re looking for a quick sell, private sales may not be the best choice for you. 

Using a dealership 

A reputable dealership may be the way to go when figuring out where to sell classic cars, including collector’s cars or muscle cars. For instance, if you have a collector car or a muscle car, chances are a dealership would be interested in its unique value. Dealers can also handle all the dreaded paperwork, saving you time and providing a quick sale. 

While selling to a dealership is less time-consuming than a private sale, it’s important to remember that some dealerships may lowball you. This is because they tend to buy classic cars for less and sell them for more. Ensure you’re aware of the wholesale value of your classic car before utilising a dealership.    

Make a quick sale 

Wondering how to sell a classic car fast? The best place to sell classic cars for a good price and in the shortest time possible is through a cash-for-cars service, such as the one provided by 1800 Salvage.

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